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The advanced diagramming tools of Visio help you simplify complexity with dynamic, data-driven visuals and new ways to share on the Web in real time.

Start by building your diagram with professional-looking templates and modern, pre-drawn shapes. Then, easily link your diagram to popular data sources (such as Excel). You’ll see data automatically refresh right within your diagram, reflected in vibrant visuals such as icons, symbols, colors, and bar graphs. Finally, with just a few clicks, publish your data-linked diagram to SharePoint, and provide access to others on the Web, even if they don’t have Visio.

Together, simplicity, data-driven shapes, and Web sharing make Visio one of the most powerful ways to see and understand important information.

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What Level Is Right For Me?
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VISIO 2010

Level 1


1 Day

List Price: $265


Topic 1: Starting Out

    Meeting Microsoft Office Visio 2010
    • What is Microsoft Office Visio 2010?
    • What’s New in Microsoft Office Visio 2010?
    • Opening Visio
    • Interface Overview
    • Interacting with Visio
    • Closing Visio
    Working with Visio Files
    • Saving Files
    • Opening Files
    • Using the Recent List
    • Switching Between Open Files
    • Closing Files
    Creating a Diagram
    • Planning Your Diagram
    • Understanding Templates, Stencils, and Shapes
    • Using the New Diagram Window
    • Finding and Adding Shapes
    • Connecting Shapes
    • Adding Text to Shapes
    Using the Shapes Pane
    • Floating and Docking the Shapes Pane
    • Minimizing and Hiding the Shapes Pane
    • Floating and Docking Stencils
    • Searching for Shapes
    • Showing and Hiding Stencils
    • Re-Ordering Stencils in the Shapes Pane
    Connecting Shapes
    • Customizing the Dynamic Grid, Static Grid, and Ruler
    • Changing Snap & Glue Options
    • Creating a Basic Connection
    • Customizing the Connector
    • Moving Connectors
    • Editing Connection Points
    Getting Help in Visio
    • Getting Started with
    • Opening Help
    • Using the Help Screen
    • Using the Help Toolbar
    • Searching for Help
    • Using the Table of Contents
    • Topic G: Help in a Dialog Box

Topic 2: Understanding and Customizing the Visio Interface

    Getting Acquainted
    • Using the File Menu (Backstage View)
    • Using the Status Bar
    • Using the Mini Toolbar
    • Using Dialog Boxes
    • Using Right-Click Menus
    • Common Keyboard Shortcuts
    The Quick Access Toolbar
    • About the Toolbar
    • Adding and Removing Buttons
    • Moving the Quick Access Toolbar
    • Customizing the Toolbar
    Tabs and Groups
    • About Tabs
    • About Groups
    • About Option Buttons
    • Minimizing the Ribbon
    Customizing the Ribbon
    • Getting Started
    • Adding or Removing Tabs
    • Arranging Tabs and Groups
    • Creating New Tabs and Groups
    • Customizing Group Commands
    • Resetting all Customizations

Topic 3: Overview of the Command Tabs

    The Home Tab
    • Clipboard Commands
    • Font Commands
    • Paragraph Commands
    • Tools Commands
    • Shape Commands
    • Arrange Commands
    • Topic G: Editing Commands
    The Insert Tab
    • Pages Commands
    • Illustrations Commands
    • Diagram Parts Commands
    • Links Commands
    • Text Commands
    The Design Tab
    • Page Setup Commands
    • Themes Commands
    • Backgrounds Commands
    • Layout Commands
    The Data Tab
    • External Data Commands
    • Display Data Commands
    • Show/Hide Commands
    • Step-By-Step
    • Skill Sharpener
    The Review Tab
    • Proofing Commands
    • Language Commands
    • Comments Commands
    • Markup Commands
    • Reports Commands
    The View Tab
    • Views Commands
    • Commands
    • Zoom Commands
    • Visual Aids Commands
    • Window Commands
    • Macros Commands

Topic 4: Creating Diagrams

    Starting Points for Your Diagrams
    • Creating a Blank Drawing
    • Creating a Diagram from Local Templates
    • Creating a Diagram from Online Templates
    • Accessing Recently Used Templates
    • Using Visio’s Sample Files
    • Creating a Diagram from Existing Files
    Using Visio’s Editing Tools
    • Using the Selection Tools
    • Using Cut, Copy, and Paste
    • Using Undo and Redo/Repeat
    • Using Find
    • Using Replace
    • Using the Format Painter
    Editing Shapes
    • Setting up Guides
    • Resizing Shapes
    • Moving Shapes
    • Shapes
    • Duplicating Shapes
    • Deleting Shapes
    Formatting Shapes
    • Changing the Fill Color
    • Using the Fill Dialog
    • Changing the Line Color and Type
    • Using the Line Dialog
    • Adding a Shadow
    • Using the Shadow Dialog
    Arranging Shapes
    • Aligning Shapes
    • Distributing Shapes
    • Using Auto Align & Space
    • Shapes
    • Grouping and Ungrouping Shapes

Topic 5: Doing More with Diagrams

    Formatting Text, Part One
    • Changing Font Face and Size
    • Changing Font Color
    • Applying Text Effects
    • Changing Case
    Formatting Text, Part Two
    • Aligning and Justifying Text
    • Indenting Text
    • Creating a Bulleted List
    • Opening the Text Dialog
    Working with Text Blocks
    • Drawing a Text Block
    • Editing Text
    • Resizing Text Blocks
    • Moving Text Blocks
    • Rotating Text Blocks
    • Deleting Text Blocks
    • Topic G: Using the Text Block Tool
    Adding Freeform Shapes
    • Creating a Freeform Shape
    • Resizing Shapes
    • Moving Shapes
    • Rotating a Freeform Shape
    • Deleting a Freeform Shape

Topic 6: Printing and Viewing Your Diagram

    Using Visio’s Viewing Tools
    • Using Normal View
    • Using Full Screen View
    • Using Zoom Tools
    • Using Pan & Zoom
    • Using Fit to Window and Page Width
    Working with Pages
    • Adding a Blank Page
    • Navigating Through Pages
    • Renaming a Page
    • Changing the Order of Pages
    • Deleting a Page
    Polishing Your Diagram
    • Checking Your Spelling
    • Rotating a Diagram
    • Changing the Diagram Layout
    • Changing the Theme
    • Customizing the Current Theme
    • Adding Borders and Titles
    Preparing a Diagram for Printing
    • Changing Page Orientation
    • Changing Page Size
    • Scaling the Diagram
    • Changing Page Properties
    • Changing Layout and Routing Options
    • Adding Shadows to the Diagram
    Printing Your Diagram
    • Changing Print Setup Options
    • Using Print Preview
    • Printing the Diagram
    • E-mailing Your Diagram

VISIO 2010

Level 1

1 Day

List Price: $265

Date Time Classroom or Online Select Session
10/25/2019 9:00 AM Classroom Add To Cart Add To Cart
11/14/2019 9:00 AM Classroom Add To Cart Add To Cart
12/19/2019 9:00 AM Classroom Add To Cart Add To Cart

VISIO 2010

Level 2

This advanced level course is intended to help everyday users become familiar with the ability to customize VISIO drawings using advanced features such as legends and master shapes.  


1 Day

List Price: $265


Topic 1: Adding Drawings and Charts to Your Diagram

  • Inserting CAD Drawings
  • Inserting Objects
  • Inserting Charts
  • Working with Charts

Topic 2: Customizing Shapes

  • Using My Shapes and Quick Shapes
  • Creating Master Shapes
  • Working with Master Shapes
  • Creating Shape Reports

Topic 3: Reviewing Diagrams

  • Using Comments
  • Markup Tools
  • Using Ink Tools

Topic 4: Adding Data to Your Graphics

  • Adding Data to Shapes
  • Linking External Data to Shapes
  • Using Data Graphics
  • Creating Legends

Topic 5: Creating Pivot Diagrams

  • Getting Started
  • Editing the Diagram
  • Using Pivot Diagram Tools
  • Working with Your Data

VISIO 2010

Level 2

1 Day

List Price: $265

No sessions are scheduled at this time.
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VISIO 2013

Level 1

This one-level workshop shows students how to get the most out of Microsoft Visio 2013. The course includes 12 modules which cover shapes, text, objects, pages, and much more. 

1 Day

List Price: $265


Topic 1: The Basics

  • Getting Started
  • Signing In
  • Creating a New Drawing
  • Saving a Drawing
  • Opening a Drawing

Topic 2: Your First Drawing

  • Understanding the Shapes Pane
  • Adding Shapes to a Drawing
  • Connecting Shapes
  • Using Drag and Drop
  • Using Cut, Copy, and Paste
  • Using Undo and Redo

Topic 3: Working with Shapes

  • Selecting Shapes
  • Moving Shapes
  • Rotating Shapes
  • Resizing Shapes
  • Duplicating Shapes
  • Deleting Shapes

Topic 4: Formatting Shapes

  • Applying a Shape Style
  • Changing the Fill Color
  • Changing the Line Color
  • Adding Effects

Topic 5: Arranging Shapes

  • Using Auto Align
  • Using Auto Space
  • Using Auto Align & Space
  • Changing the Layout of the Page
  • Rotating the Diagram

Topic 6: Formatting Text

  • Changing the Font Face, Size, and Color
  • Applying Text Effects
  • Using the Text Dialog
  • Changing Text Alignment
  • Rotating Text

Topic 7: Inserting Art and Objects

  • Inserting Online Pictures
  • Inserting Local Pictures
  • Inserting Charts
  • Inserting CAD Drawings
  • Inserting Text Boxes

Topic 8: Formatting the Page

  • Changing the Theme of the Current Page
  • Choosing a Variant for the Current Page
  • Applying a Page Background
  • Adding Borders and Titles

Topic 9: Managing Pages

  • Inserting Pages
  • Browsing Through Pages
  • Renaming Pages
  • Deleting Pages
  • Creating Background Pages

Topic 10: The Finishing Touches

  • Checking Spelling
  • Modifying Page Size
  • Modifying Page Orientation
  • Using Page Setup
  • Adding Headers and Footers

Topic 11: Printing and Sharing Your Drawings

  • Using Presentation Mode
  • Saving a Drawing as PDF or XPS
  • Saving a Drawing as an Image
  • Printing a Drawing
  • E-Mailing a Drawing
  • Sharing Your Drawings on SkyDrive, Twitter, and Facebook

Topic 12: Customizing the Interface

  • Expanding and Collapsing the Ribbon
  • Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar
  • Hiding and Showing Ribbon Tabs
  • Creating Custom Ribbon Tabs
  • Resetting Interface Changes

VISIO 2013

Level 1

1 Day

List Price: $265

Date Time Classroom or Online Select Session
10/25/2019 9:00 AM Classroom Add To Cart Add To Cart
11/14/2019 9:00 AM Classroom Add To Cart Add To Cart
12/19/2019 9:00 AM Classroom Add To Cart Add To Cart

VISIO 2013

Level 2

This course aims to take those users who are familiar with the basic concepts of Microsoft Visio 2013 and boost their skills to the advanced level through the study of these 12 modules.

Students will cover a wide range of features that are a part of Visio 2013 to help them get the most out of it. This training package covers: Doing More with Shapes, Working with Containers, Adding Callouts, Using Layers, Linking Data to Shapes, Using Data Graphics, Creating Process Diagrams, Creating Cross-Functional Flowcharts, Creating Organization Charts, Doing More with Organization Charts, Creating Workflow Diagrams, and Creating Gantt Charts.

1 Day

List Price: $265


Topic 1: Doing More with Shapes

  • Using Paste Special
  • Inserting a Field
  • Adding ScreenTips
  • Adding Hyperlinks

Topic 2: Working with Containers

  • Adding a Container
  • Adding Shapes to a Container
  • Removing Shapes from a Container
  • Changing the Style of the Container
  • Resizing a Container
  • Disbanding the Container

Topic 3: Adding Callouts

  • Inserting a Callout
  • Moving a Callout
  • Changing the Position of the Callout Line
  • Resizing a Callout
  • Changing the Callout Style

Topic 4: Using Layers

  • Adding a Layer
  • Showing and Hiding Layers
  • Activating a Layer
  • Preserving Group Member Layers
  • Coloring Layers
  • Locking Layers

Topic 5: Linking Data to Shapes

  • Manually Adding Data with the Shape Data Window
  • Manually Linking Shape Data
  • Automatically Linking Shapes to Data
  • Refreshing the Data Source
  • Removing Data Links

Topic 6: Using Data Graphics

  • Inserting Data Graphics
  • Creating Custom Data Graphics
  • Editing Data Graphics
  • Removing Data Graphics

Topic 7: Creating Process Diagrams

  • Creating a Process Diagram
  • Adding Shapes
  • Creating New Subprocesses
  • Linking Subprocesses
  • Editing Sub-process Links
  • Checking the Diagram for Errors

Topic 8: Creating Cross-Functional Flowcharts

  • Creating a Cross-Functional Flowchart
  • Adding Swimlanes and Separators
  • Adding Shapes
  • Changing Diagram Orientation and Direction
  • Modifying Swimlane Margins
  • Choosing a Flowchart Style

Topic 9: Creating Organization Charts

  • Creating an Organization Chart Manually
  • Creating an Organization Chart with the Wizard
  • Adding Shapes
  • Adding Images
  • Changing the Shape Style

Topic 10: Doing More with Organization Charts

  • Modifying the Layout
  • Changing the Spacing
  • Modifying Positioning
  • Creating and Using a Synchronized Copy
  • Comparing Charts

Topic 11: Creating Workflow Diagrams

  • Creating a Workflow Diagram
  • Adding Shapes
  • Importing SharePoint Workflows
  • Exporting Workflows to SharePoint
  • Creating Stage Outlines

Topic 12: Creating Gantt Charts

  • Creating the Gantt Chart
  • Entering Tasks, Dates, and Durations
  • Adding Rows
  • Adding Columns
  • Configuring Working Time

VISIO 2013

Level 2

1 Day

List Price: $265

No sessions are scheduled at this time.
Contact us to schedule a session for your organization.

Visio 2016

Level 1

From the earliest eras of human existence, visual images have been used to represent knowledge, data, and information. Beginning with the Paleolithic cave paintings and continuing to today’s most complex computer networks, these images leverage the ability of the human brain to rapidly perceive patterns and trends from visual representations.

In today’s workplace, visual diagrams are an essential part of communication, from road maps to sales flows to process charts. Microsoft® Visio® provides you with an intuitive, customizable tool to easily create a professional-looking visual product by using its extensive gallery of shapes. By following the exercises in this course, you will create visually engaging diagrams, maps, and drawings, using graphical elements to make information easier to comprehend.

1 Day

List Price: $265


Lesson 1: Getting Started with Visio 2016

Topic A: Perform Basic Tasks in the Visio Environment

Topic B: Use Backstage Commands

Topic C: Save a File

Lesson 2: Working with Workflow Diagram Tools

Topic A: Use Drawing Components

Topic B: Modify a Drawing

Topic C: Insert Callouts and Groups

Lesson 3: Building Organization Charts

Topic A: Create an Organization Chart Manually

Topic B: Create Organization Charts by Using Starter Diagrams and the Organization Chart Wizard

Topic C: Modify an Organization Chart

Lesson 4: Designing a Floor Plan

Topic A: Make a Basic Floor Plan

Topic B: Model a Room Layout

Lesson 5: Building a Cross-Functional Flowchart

Topic A: Create a Cross-Functional Flowchart

Topic B: Format a Cross-Functional Flowchart

Lesson 6: Designing a Network Diagram

Topic A: Create Network Diagrams

Topic B: Use Shape Data

Topic C: Use Layers

Lesson 7: Styling a Diagram

Topic A: Modify Shape and Connector Styles

Topic B: Apply Themes and Variants

Topic C: Use Containers

Visio 2016

Level 1

1 Day

List Price: $265

Date Time Classroom or Online Select Session
10/25/2019 9:00 AM Classroom Add To Cart Add To Cart
10/25/2019 9:00 AM Online Add To Cart Add To Cart
11/14/2019 9:00 AM Classroom Add To Cart Add To Cart
11/14/2019 9:00 AM Online Add To Cart Add To Cart
12/19/2019 9:00 AM Online Add To Cart Add To Cart
12/19/2019 9:00 AM Classroom Add To Cart Add To Cart

Visio 2016

Level 2

The target student for this course is a graphic designer, subject matter specialist, or other knowledge worker with basic Microsoft Visio 2016 skills (such as creating basic workflows and other diagrams) who needs to use Visio to create complex graphics and illustrations (such as floor plans, custom maps, and scientific illustrations) that may be linked to external data sources and may be inserted into other Microsoft Office files.

1 Day

List Price: $265


Lesson 1: Designing Advanced Plans and Diagrams

Topic A: Create a Microsoft Account and Log in to Visio

Topic B: Build Advanced Plans

Topic C: Build Advanced Diagrams

Lesson 2: Enhancing the Look of Drawings

Topic A: Use 3-D Shapes

Topic B: Work with Shape Styles

Topic C: Define Shape Styles

Topic D: Apply Backgrounds, Borders, and Titles

Lesson 3: Working with Custom Shapes, Stencils, and Templates

Topic A: Create Simple Custom Shapes

Topic B: Create Custom Stencils

Topic C: Create Custom Templates

Lesson 4: Connecting Drawings to External Data

Topic A: Make an Organization Chart from an Excel Spreadsheet

Topic B: Generate a Pivot Diagram from an Excel Spreadsheet

Topic C: Create a Gantt Chart from a Project File

Topic D: Create a Timeline from a Project File

Topic E: Connect a Map to an Access Database

Lesson 5: Leveraging Development Tools

Topic A: Create Macros

Topic B: Modify ShapeSheets

Topic C: Build Advanced Shapes

Lesson 6: Sharing Drawings

Topic A: Save and Share Drawings with OneDrive

Topic B: Review Drawings

Topic C: Insert Drawings into Other Office Files

Topic D: Export Drawings

Topic E: Print Drawings

Visio 2016

Level 2

1 Day

List Price: $265

Date Time Classroom or Online Select Session
09/27/2019 9:00 AM Classroom Add To Cart Add To Cart
09/27/2019 9:00 AM Online Add To Cart Add To Cart
11/25/2019 9:00 AM Classroom Add To Cart Add To Cart
11/25/2019 9:00 AM Online Add To Cart Add To Cart

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