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Advanced Google Adwords

This Advanced Google AdWords Training Course expands on the topics covered in our Introduction to Google AdWords course. In the Advanced Google AdWords course, we take a deeper dive into understanding and optimizing search engine marketing campaigns. The course covers optimization of keywords, campaigns and ads, and other advanced features of Google AdWords. You will also learn about conversion tracking in Google AdWords and how to integrate Google Analytics with your AdWords account to gain insights into the effectiveness of your marketing campaign.

The Advanced Google AdWords course is geared toward AdWords users who are acquainted with basic features, such as keyword discovery, keyword bidding, campaign creation, and management.To get the most out of class, students are strongly encouraged to have their own AdWords account.


Experience in the following areas is required:

  • Basic Google AdWords experience

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Dates & Registration

Advanced Google Adwords

1 Day

Your Price: $395


  1. Advertising on Google's Content Network
    1. Understanding Google's Content Network
      • How Does Advertising on the Content Network Work?
      • A Few Things You Should Know About the Content Ads
    2. How to Leverage Content Network in Google AdWords
    3. Automatic Placement
    4. Targeted Placement
    5. Exploring the Placement Tool within Google AdWords
  2. Introduction to Google Places
    1. Overview of Location-based Ad Services
    2. How to Leverage Google Places
    3. Obtaining Insights from Google Places Dashboard
  3. Optimizing Your Keywords Strategy for AdWords
    1. Keywords Optimization Strategy
      • Long Tail vs Short Tail Keywords
    2. Using Broad Match Modifier
    3. Keywords Diagnosis in AdWords
    4. Optimizing Your Keywords Research
    5. Leveraging the Google Keyword Planner Tool
      • Demo for the Google Keyword Planner
    6. Learning from the Organic Keywords
      • Introduction
      • The Oragnic Keywords Report in Google Analytics
    7. Implementing Dynamic Keyword Insertion
      • How Dynamic Keyword Insertion Works
      • Managing Case Sensitivity for Dynamically Inserted Keywords
  4. Optimizing AdWords Campaigns
    1. Geographic Targeting In AdWords
      • What is Geographic Targeting
      • How Google offers Geo Targeting
    2. Implementing Geographic Targeting In Adwords
      • Inserting Your Address into the Ad Copy
  5. Optimizing Ads
    1. Using Image Ads in AdWords
      • Getting Started
    2. Controlling Your Ad Delivery in Google AdWords
      • Ad Scheduling and Ad Delivery
    3. Controlling Who Sees Your Ad
      • IP Exclusion Tool
    4. Ad Preview and Diagnostic Tool
    5. Leveraging the Ad Sitelinks in AdWords Ads
  6. Conversion Tracking in Google AdWords
    1. Why to Track Conversions and How Conversion Tracking Works
    2. Implementing Conversion Tracking in Google AdWords
      • Setting up a New Conversion in AdWords
      • Validating Conversion in AdWords
    3. Enabling the Conversions Report in AdWords
  7. Leveraging the AdWords Report in Google Analytics
    1. Tracking Online Marketing Campaigns through Google Analytics
    2. Overview of AdWords Metrics
    3. Measuring Campaign Performance in Google Analytics
    4. Day Parts Report
    5. Destination URLs Report
    6. Keyword Positions Report
    7. Analytics

Advanced Google Adwords

1 Day

Your Price: $395

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