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SQL Server Analysis for Business Intelligence

With the current explosion of data in today's enterprise environment, traditional methods of querying and reporting on information are no longer sufficient.  This course provides the skills to analyze and discover trends in your data warehouse.  You learn to create On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP) cubes using business intelligence tools and to automate their maintenance.

You will learn how to:

·Leverage SLQ Server Analysis Services to produce BI solutions
·Crate OLAP cubes and automate maintenance with XMLA scripts
·Extend hierarchies and exploit advanced dimension relationships
·Build custom solutions with MDX·Implement Key Performance indications to monitor business objectives
·Make smarter business decisions with data-mining techniques

Hands-on Experience Includes:

·Creating and deploying a cube
·Building aggregations with the Aggregation Design Wizard
·Automating cube processing with an XMLA script
·Configuring many-to-many dimension relationships
·Implementing an action to open a Reporting Services report·Retrieving data using MDX

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Dates & Registration

SQL Server Analysis for Business Intelligence

4 Days

List Price: $1996


Topic 1: Building and Modifying an OLAP Cube

  • Designing a Unified Dimension Model (UDM)
  • Identifying measures and their suitable granularities
  • Adding new measure groups and creating custom measures
  • Creating dimensions
  • Implementing a Star and Snowflake Schema
  • Identifying role-play dimensions
  • Adding dimension attributes and properties
  • Configuring multi-language support

Topic 2: Extending the Cube with Hierarchies

  • Creating hierarchies
  • Building natural hierarchies and creating attribute relationships
  • Discretizing attribute values with the Clusters and Equal Areas algorithms
  • Parent-child Relationships
  • Defining parent and key attributes
  • Generating level captions with Naming Template

Topic 3: Exploiting Advanced Dimension Relationships

  • Strong dimension data in fact tables
  • Building a degenerate dimension
  • Configuring fact relationships
  • Saving space with referenced dimension relationships
  • Identifying candidates for referenced relationships
  • Utilizing the Dimension Usage tab to configure referenced relationships
  • Include dimensions with many-to-many relationships
  • Implementing intermediate measure groups and dimensions
  • Reporting on many-to-many dimensions without double counting
  • Implementing a Tabular Model Database
  • Providing users with analytics via Vertipaq and PowerPivot
  • Comparing DirectQuery mode and classic MDX
  • Mapping out the role of SharePoint

Topic 4: Managing Cubes

  • Designing storage and aggregations
  • Choosing between ROLAP, MOLAP and HOLAP
  • Partitioning cubes for improved performance
  • Designing aggregations with Aggregation Design Wizard
  • Leveraging the Usage-Based Optimization Wizard
  • Automating processing and deployment
  • Exploiting XLMA scripts and SSIS
  • Refreshing cubes with Proactive Caching

Topic 5: Performing Advanced Analysis with MDS

  • Retrieving data with MDX
  • Defining tuplets, sets and calculated members
  • Querying cubes with MDX
  • Monitoring business performance with KPIs
  • Building goal, status and trend expressions
  • Using PARALLELPERIOD to compare past time periods
  • Simplifying KPI definitions using KPIValue and KPIGoal
  • Enhancing cubes with MDX
  • Adding runtime calculations to the cube
  • Adding drill-through and URL actions

Topic 6: Gaining Business Advantage with Data Mining

  • Determining the correct model
  • Identifying business tasks for data mining
  • Training and testing data-mining algorithms
  • Comparing algorithms with the accuracy chart
  • Performing real-world predictions
  • Classifying with Decision Trees, Neural Network and Naive Bayes algorithms
  • Predicting the Time Series algorithm

SQL Server Analysis for Business Intelligence

4 Days

List Price: $1996

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