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Programming in VBA Microsoft Access 2007

This course is intended for people who wish to improve their knowledge and skills in the use of Visual

Basic for Applications to program applications in Microsoft Access 2007.

This course aims to increase your productivity by providing the skills and knowledge to use VBA to

program in Microsoft Access 2007.

Microsoft Access 2007 Programming in VBA assumes little or no knowledge of the software. However,

it would be beneficial to have a general understanding of personal computers and the Windows

operating system environment.

At the completion of Microsoft Access 2007 Programming in VBA you should be able to:

  • ·  be familiar with the basics of developing applications in Access 2007
  • ·  create and convert macros into VBA
  • ·  make Access start up with the form you select
  • ·  create subroutines
  • ·  understand how to use variables to generate an output
  • ·  understand and create input boxes and message boxes
  • ·  create and use decision-making programs
  • ·  create and use programming loops
  • ·  understand and use the DoCmd object
  • ·  recognise and understand many ADO techniques
  • ·  use ADO to work with forms and recordsets
  • ·  apply a range of debugging tools to your application
  • ·  replace obscure error messages with meaningful on

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Dates & Registration

Programming in VBA Microsoft Access 2007

3 Days

List Price: $1497


Topic 1: Development Basics

  • Understanding The Development Environment
  • Understanding Splitting Databases
  • Linking To Data Files
  • Maintaining Links
  • Using The Database Splitter
  • Using Queries For Reports And Forms
  • Developing Systems For Other Users

Topic 2: Macros and VBA

  • Understanding Macros
  • Creating Macros
  • Assigning Macros
  • Creating More Complex Macros
  • Creating Complex Macros
  • Converting Macros To VBA

Topic 3: VBA Essentials

  • Understanding The Programming Environment
  • Exploring The Object Model
  • Navigating With Forms
  • Creating A Startup Form
  • The VBA Editor Window
  • Working With The Project Explorer
  • Working With The Properties Window
  • Understanding Modules I
  • Viewing The Code Behind Forms
  • Standard Code Modules
  • Understanding Modules II
  • Understanding Naming Conventions I
  • Understanding Naming Conventions II

Topic 4: VBA Subroutines

  • Understanding Modules In Access
  • Understanding Procedures
  • Anatomy Of A Module
  • Creating A Subroutine
  • Creating A Function
  • Calling Procedures
  • Passing Parameters
  • Returning Values
  • Scoping Procedures

Topic 5: Using Variables

  • Understanding Variables
  • Understanding Data Types
  • Creating And Using Variables
  • Implicit And Explicit Declarations
  • Working With Numbers In VBA
  • Dealing With Overflows
  • Working With Decimals In VBA
  • Working With Dates In VBA
  • Default Values
  • Understanding The Scope Of Variables
  • Procedure Level Scoping
  • Module Level Scoping
  • Passing Variables By Reference
  • Passing Variables By Value

Topic 6: Interacting With Users

  • Understanding Input Boxes
  • Using The InputBox Function
  • Using InputBox Function Arguments
  • Understanding Message Boxes
  • Creating A Simple Message Box
  • Creating A Longer Message
  • Breaking A Message Line
  • Displaying Buttons And Icons
  • Using The Message Box Function
  • Responding To Different Buttons

Topic 7: Making Decisions

  • Understanding The IF Statement
  • Creating A Single-Line If Statement
  • Creating A Block If Statement
  • Creating Multiple If Statements
  • Creating If Statements
  • Using If For Multiple Text Conditions

Topic 8: Understanding The Select Case Statement

  • A Simple Select Case Statement
  • Value Ranges In Select Case Statements
  • Using Select Case Statements With OR

Topic 9: Looping In VBA

  • Understanding Loops
  • Understanding For Loops
  • Creating A While Loop
  • Working With Counters
  • Creating An Until Loop
  • For...Each Loops
  • Exiting From Loops
  • For...Next Loops
  • Creating Loops

Topic 10: The DoCmd Object

  • Understanding DoCmd
  • Navigating With DoCmd
  • Moving Through Records
  • Filtering Records With DoCmd
  • Opening And Closing A Form With DoCmd
  • Opening A Report With DoCmd
  • Creating Variable Reports

Topic 11: ActiveX Data Objects-Tables

  • Understanding ADO
  • Setting References Using VBA
  • Creating A Table With ADO
  • Creating Tables With ADO
  • Removing A Table Using ADO
  • Removing A Table With ADO
  • Populating A Form Using ADO
  • Dealing With An Empty Table

Topic 12: ADO Forms And Recordsets

  • Navigating Records In A Form
  • Finding A Record
  • Updating A Record
  • Deleting A Record
  • Adding A New Record
  • Adding A New Record

Topic 13: Debugging VBA

  • Understanding Debugging
  • Setting A Breakpoint
  • Setting Additional Breakpoints
  • Stepping Through A Procedure
  • Viewing The Call Stack
  • Using Locals And Immediate Windows
  • Adding A Watch

Topic 14: Handling Errors In VBA

  • Understanding Error Types
  • Common Errors
  • Understanding The On Error Statement
  • Simple Error Handling
  • Using The Err Object

Programming in VBA Microsoft Access 2007

3 Days

List Price: $1497

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